Proverbs 12: The Righteous Cannot Be Uprooted


PROVERBS 12 – The Righteous Cannot Be Uprooted

KEY PASSAGE: Proverbs 12:3, “A man is not established by wickedness, But the root of the righteous cannot be moved.”

The thoughts expressed in this chapter, although contrasting the righteous from the wicked, shows the righteous will not be blown away. The resilience of the righteous was shown in Proverbs 10:25, “When the whirlwind passes by, the wicked is no more, But the righteous has an everlasting foundation.” The tornado that carries away the stance and reputation of the wicked cannot destroy the righteous. How so? Well, Jesus taught that it is about one’s foundation that enables a stormproof religion (Matt. 7:24-27; Lk. 6:48; cf. Psa. 11:3).

Solomon continues to show righteous resiliency in the face of the storm in Proverbs 12. The root of the righteous cannot be moved. It is living and active. Rather than sitting idly coveting the catch of others, the root of the righteous is quietly bearing fruit (Prov. 12:12). Solomon gave another picture of such durability. “The wicked are overthrown and are no more, But the house of the righteous will stand” (12:7). What are some practical helps that enable the righteous to stand and remain rooted?

  1. LOVE INSTRUCTION (Prov. 12:1)
  1. How is the one who hates correction described? ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. How does one demonstrate that he loves instruction (Matt. 7:24ff; Psa. 119:99, 100; etc.)? ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. How can one demonstrate that he hates correction (Prov. 5:12, 13; 18:1; etc.)?

    1. An excellent wife is a partner in the joys of life, a comforting companion in loneliness, a friend in times of trouble, and a counselor in moments of confusion. Her worth is beyond rubies (Prov. 31:10, 11). Any man who is oblivious to the value of an excellent wife is a fool (remember Nabal and Abigail, 1 Sam. 25).
    2. What is a wife who causes shame to her husband? _______________________________________
    3. To the righteous man, an excellent wife is his crown. What is her worth (Prov. 31:28)? _____________________________________________________________________________________________
    4. What are some crowning qualities of an excellent wife (Prov. 31:11, 25-27; Acts 16:14, 15; Esth. 1:11, 12; 1 Pet. 3:1; Lk. 8:2, 3; Acts 9:36; etc.)? ____________________________________


  1. DEVELOP RIGHT THINKING (Prov. 12:5, 8, 20, 25)

The thoughts of the righteous are right! What is right for the righteous to think (Psa. 19:14)?

    1. Deut. 32:29 ______________________________________________________________________________
    2. 1 Sam. 12:24 ______________________________________________________________________________
    3. Psalm 1:2 ______________________________________________________________________________
    4. Psalm 48:9 ______________________________________________________________________________
    5. Psalm 77:12 ______________________________________________________________________________
    6. Psalm 119:59 ______________________________________________________________________________
    7. Psalm 143:5 ______________________________________________________________________________
    8. Luke 8:15 ______________________________________________________________________________
    9. Romans 8:6 ______________________________________________________________________________
    10. Romans 12:3 ______________________________________________________________________________
    11. Philippians 4:8 ______________________________________________________________________________
    12. Hebrews 12:3 ______________________________________________________________________________
  1. EFFECT RIGHT TALKING (Prov. 12:6, 13-23)   

Where the wicked use their tongues to entrap, the righteous speak to deliver (12:6).  In looking at these passages, line up and contrast the wicked from the righteous.





Like chapter 11, what another remarkable ending! “In the way of righteousness is life, And in its pathway there is no death” (Prov. 12:28). In such a path no force can prevail to overthrow us!

—Steven J. Wallace