Online Sermons

Online Sermons

Authority: The Use and Misuse of the Old Testament (1)

Series: Authority

What place does the Old Testament have for the church today? What benefit exists in studying it? We must know that the value of it is found in the fact that it is given by inspiration and that it was instrumental leading Timothy to the salvation through faith in Christ (2 Tim. 3:115-17). 

The place of the Old Testament for us today is in learning and hope, not for our law (Rom. 15:4). We are not under that Testament today. To bind Old Testament commands, examples, and inferences into New Testament Law, without having specific instruction is to pollute the New Testament covenant with spiritual adultery. These two covenants cannot coexist as law simultaneously (Heb. 10:9; cf. 9:16, 17; Rom. 7:1-4). 

  1. We do not have the authority to misrepresent or misapply the Old Testament today. 
  2. The emphasis in this lesson will be on areas of misuse that are seen today.
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