“Points In Proverbs”

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Greetings Bible Recall List! We have some new members since we finished a year of memorization exercises on the New Testament. I want to welcome you! The memory verses are found here: The lessons on the memory verses are found on our blog page here:

Brother Kyle Hammock preached on spiritual growth yesterday (March 31, 2019). As a small part of that journey in spiritual growth, I am resuming Bible Recall in a new direction—THE BOOK OF PROVERBS.

On the first Monday of the month, I will send out a lesson from Proverbs. We will begin with Proverbs 1 for April. I would encourage you to consider five exercises:

  • Carefully read the chapter of the month. You might want to read it several times throughout the month.
  • Read the article.
  • Choose a verse or set of verses in the chapter to memorize for that month. A good suggestion from a young member in Washington State is to partner up with someone to hold each other accountable in choosing a passage to memorize it. Use our suggestions on memorization helps found here:!topic/biblerecall/TgMvHCzBMxE
  • Find ways to apply the wisdom from Proverbs in your own life.
  • Share the wisdom in Proverbs with another person. Encourage others to join the list. Relate any lessons that you have learned or benefit from as it pertains to the Scripture assignment. (Today it is easier than ever to share information with email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But also a good ole fashion letter mailed or verbal conversation has its own peculiar benefit too!) These lessons can also be used for family bible study time.

These articles will be posted in our articles page: