Submitting to God's Plan for the Mission of the Church pt 1

Submitting to God’s Plan for the Mission of the Church
Colossians 3:17


How sufficient is the church to carry out its assigned mission? See Ephesians 3:20, 21. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1 Chronicles 13:7-11, what happens when a man thinks he can improve on God’s methods?

  • Was David’s “new cart” a good substitution for the ark’s transportation? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________            
  • Did it promote edification among brethren? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________            
  • Who first introduced the “new cart” in Scripture to transport the ark? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Did God tell anyone that “You shall not transport the ark on a cart?” Did he have to? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________            


What Bible concept of the church accomplishes the work God has assigned to the church?


What does “church autonomy” mean and not mean? ______________________________________________________

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